Alice T. Robison, President
Alice Robison has over 30 years of administration, financial, strategic planning, human resources and leadership development experience.  Alice is responsible for company operations, strategic direction, financial and human resources.  Her philosophy is a team approach and includes empowering the AESI associates to be problem solvers and to be proactive in the support of our customers and end users.  With our newly, designed fire and security shutters and doors, AESI will distinguish itself from the competition to become the premier provider of choice. Our customers and end users are a part of the team, providing the feedback for making the best, even better.  The team includes our suppliers, who are respected for their high quality materials and for the value they add to AESI.

Chris Fleming, Vice President
Chris Fleming has a 40 year history in the Airport industry designing, manufacturing, distributing, servicing and installing fire and security shutters and doors for the Baggage Handling System Industry.  Chris has pioneered advances in the design of equipment to meet the unusual demands of airport applications for the Baggage Handling System Industry.  Chris' philosophy is that it has to be perfect 100% of the time which is seen in the product design and services performed.  AESI installers are thoroughly trained professionals with the same dedication of providing installed equipment that is unquestionably the most reliable.

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